LTS Chicago joins Chicago Chamber of Commerce

Posted: April 1, 2011 - LTS in the News

Young Professionals Can Play Sports, Network and Contribute to Charity through LTS Chicago

LTS (Live to Support) Chicago is a recreational sport and social club for young professionals focused around charitable giving. Founded by Mark Biery and Chris DuCharme, LTS Chicago was created to generate awareness and contributions for Chicago charities through the use of sports leagues, tournaments, networking, and social events. Mark and Chris saw there was an opportunity to create a marriage between playing sports and charitable giving simply by having portions of registration fees go towards the team’s charity of choice. LTS Chicago participants are playing for a purpose and supporting a cause rather than playing for a t-shirt or trophy.

With Chicago being the third largest city in the USA, there is large network of young professionals
interested in partaking in sports leagues and building their social network. LTS Chicago has tapped
into this network and is educating young professionals on the importance of teamwork and philanthropy through ongoing participation in quality sports leagues, tournaments and social events to benefit their charity partners.

At their kickoff event on August 28th, LTS Chicago hosted a unique 3v3 Charity Soccer Tournament. In less than a month of planning, over 130 participants and 12 different sponsors came together to play soccer and learn the importance of giving back. LTS Chicago worked closely with the City of Chicago and Chicago Park District for the usage of their fields. Two charity partners benefited from this one day tournament. All the participant registration fees supported Grassroot Soccer, a South African based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Aids-awareness programs internationally. As well as various school supplies collected at pre and post tourney gatherings that benefited the Chicago Public Schools, through an organization called Bin Donated, a charity specializing in a free residential and commercial donation pick-up service. This soccer tournament brought together players from all walks to compete in a safe and friendly environment all while making a global difference through Grassroot Soccer and locally via sending Chicago children school supplies.

LTS Chicago has a strong list of local charity partners and is happy to add new charitable partners as they continue to grow.

LTS Chicago has a strong list of local charity partners and is happy to add new charitable partners as they continue to grow. Some of the present charities benefiting from LTS Chicago include Bin Donated, Imerman Angels, Urban Initiatives, A Special Wish, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago Fire Foundation, Youth Outreach Services and many more. While the focus now is on Chicago based charity support any charity can be part of the LTS Chicago program.

LTS Chicago has something for everyone to fill their social calendar; whether they want to join our leagues, get a team together for a pop-ashot tournament, attend a philanthropy roller derby night or get together to attend a concert, it is on the monthly calendar. Players can sign up individually or as a team. Some of the current leagues include: kickball, flag football, softball, basketball and soccer all played on the on Chicago Public School or Chicago Park District facilities. As a growing organization, LTS Chicago is always looking for new ways of to fund and build awareness. LTS Chicago is seeking participants for their spring and summer leagues, finding corporate sponsors and welcoming support. LTS Chicago recognizes their partners and showcases their importance. LTS Chicago has one simple goal – to increase charitable giving through playing sports and attending premier kickback events. Please visit our website to see a complete picture of our program, monthly calendar and most importantly, our charity partners: