ANNOUNCEMENT: Marketing and Outreach Director – Stewart (Mali) Willis

Posted: September 10, 2015 - LTS in the News

My name is Stewart Willis…YES that is correct.

I typically go by Mali but no joke, my name is Stewart. My brothers and I were born in Pennsylvania but I spent most of my childhood in Omaha, Nebraska. Shout Out to NEBRASKA!! Thanks to my family, my love for almost every sport started at a very young age; my brothers and I could snow ski before we could even walk. I was dancing before I could talk and I had the privilege to try just about every sport before the age of 12.

I became a IU Hoosier and a Theta after high school and graduated with a degree in Communications and Business Marketing. After college, I drank the “KoolAid” of all my mid-west friends and moved up to Chicago where I quickly felt right at home. I started playing in LTS Chicago leagues about three years ago. I’ll never forget my first game because I wasn’t quite sure what I had gotten into when the teams started talking about random charities before we played. After my friends explained what it meant and how LTS Chicago was different, something clicked for me and league nights became my favorite night of the week. It wasn’t until April of 2014 when I talked to Mark Biery about how the company started that I realized how passionate I was not just about the idea, but about the company as a whole. I came on board part time as the Player Development Coordinator shortly thereafter, and the LTS Chicago team and players instantly became one of my main sources of daily inspiration.

When I’m not playing in LTS leagues, I am exploring every last corner of the city with my friends and family. A little fact about me is that I have ran eight Half Marathons in the past three years and currently training for my second Chicago Marathon in October 2016. None of which I would have done if I didn’t live in Chicago as running along the lake is where I feel most at peace.

This past June I took the leap of faith and decided it was time to make my passion something I can do day in and day out. Everything has now finally settled in for me these past few months since I started full time as the Marketing & Outreach Director at LTS. I’m excited to be a part of the team, and am even more excited about the future and where this company will go. My core values revolve around my amazing friends and family, staying active, being healthy and living selflessly. I will tell you that the feeling of finding a company whose foundation was built on the same values that one lives by is indescribable.

LTS Chicago creates an opportunity for young professionals to get involved with the charities they support by being social and active.

LTS Chicago creates an opportunity for Chicago companies to engage in Cause Marketing and promote employee wellness by forming company teams.

LTS Chicago creates an opportunity for Chicago charities to gain access to a target market that is already passionate and engaged with their cause.

LTS Chicago provides me with inspiration and happiness, so I play to make a difference….

What Do YOU Play For?!

(Mali- standing, second from the right in front row)

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