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12inch / 16inch Coed Softball Rules

• Maximum of 10 players on the field at all times (7 males / 3 females)
• Minimum of 8 players (at least 2 females needed to avoid a forfeit)
– Please Note: If there are only 2 females present on a team, there are two options
• Option 1: The umpire will ask the opposing team if it will allow the game to commence with the understanding that an automatic out will be given at the start of each inning
• Option 2: The umpire will ask the opposing team if it allows the other team to have the two females rotate in the lineup
– If one female needs to bat but both females are on base then it will be an automatic out (there is a 2-male-1-female batting order)
• A player can play on only one team for the playoffs however, can sub on others throughout the Softball season

Game Length
– All games are 7 innings OR one hour, whichever comes first (warm-up time included)
– The last inning will start no less than 10 minutes to time allotted
– The umpire is responsible for making the call at the top of the final inning
– A full game counts after the 4th inning
– If a game is called due to weather and less than 4 innings have been played, the game will be restarted from the beginning at a later date
– If a game is tied after the end of 7 innings, extra innings will be played ONLY if there is time
– If there is not sufficient time (at least 10 minutes), the game will end in a tie

• 16-inch Softball = ONLY females are permitted to use a glove
• 12-inch Softball = BOTH females and males are permitted to use a glove

• Strike zone
– A “strike mat” will be used to determine balls and strikes
– If the softball touches any part of the mat or home plate itself on a legal pitch (6’-12’ arc) it will be considered a strike
– The strike mat is only used for calling balls and strikes
– It is not considered part of home plate for base runners to score
– Example: If a runner touches the strike mat but not home plate when attempting to score and is tagged with the ball, the runner will be
out UNLESS it is a play at home is deemed close where a collision would ensue if they did not touch the strike mat.

• Fouls
– All foul balls are considered strikes
– COURTESY FOUL for ONLY 12inch Softball on the 3rd strike

• Bunting
– Bunting is not allowed and results in an automatic out
– A bunt will be called if the ball is intentionally hit with little force and it does not reasonably reach the pitcher’s mound

• Pitching
– The Pitcher must pitch either on OR behind the pitcher’s mound
– No more than 4 yards behind the pitcher’s mound

• Fielding
– Only 5 players (not including catcher) may be on the infield at the time of the pitch
– If you have 4 outfielders, they must all be on the outfield grass until the pitch reaches the batter

• Counts
– Male batters will start with a one ball and one strike count
– Female batters will start with a one ball and no strikes count

• Batting Order
– If a male is INTENTIONALLY walked and female follows him in the batting order, the female has the choice to take a walk or bat unless
bases are loaded or a run a is scored because of the walk. It needs to the ALL THREE BALLS for a walk.
– Please Note: It is up to the umpire to decide if the walk was intentional or not
– Everyone present on the team may bat
– Example: If you have 12 players at the game, 12 players may bat but only 10 may play the field
– The ratio of the order must be: 1 female has to bat for every 2 males in the order
– The ratio of female to male must be maintained

• Infield Fly
– If a fly ball is in fair play in the infield or the very shallow outfield the umpire will call out “infield fly”
– Once the umpire makes the call, the batter is OUT no matter if the ball is caught or not
– This rule only applies when there are fewer than 2 outs and there is a force play at 3rd base
– Example: Runners are on 1st & 2nd or bases are loaded
– This rule is intended to prevent players from intentionally dropping the ball to complete a double or triple play

• Leadoffs & Stealing – NOT ALLOWED
– Runners may leave the base once the ball crosses the plane of the plate or is hit by the batter
– If a runner leaves early, the ball is dead and the runner is declared out

• Base Running
– The umpire will keep a very close eye on base runner to defensive player contact throughout each game
– Any excessive contact or collisions will result in an out and/or ejection at the umpire’s discretion
– This includes contact with the catcher

• Sliding
– Sliding is allowed on 2nd, 3rd and homeplate. NOT allowed on 1st base.
– Please Note: The base runner may be called out at the umpire’s discretion if he or she believes that the slide was made to break up a double play or to intentionally interfere with the defensive player

• 1st & 3rd Base Coaches
– If either of the coaches is struck with the ball while standing in an appropriate spot, the play will be called dead and base runners will be awarded the base they are running to
– If the base coaches are in a poor position and cause interference, the lead runner will be called out

• Score Keeping
– It is NOT the responsibility of each team to keep score on the game scoring sheet while its team is up to bat. The UMPIRE keeps score!

• Mercy Rule
– Applies if a team is up more than 10 runs after 4.5 complete innings with home team winning
– A maximum of 10 runs can be scored in any given inning
– The home team will always receive its final at-bat

• Forfeits
– If after 10 minutes of the start time a team cannot provide the minimum number of players, a forfeit is made
– Please Note: If the opposing team wishes to allow the team to play anyway, the game is considered official
– If you know your team cannot make a game, please let us know by contacting

• Playoffs
– All eligible teams make the playoffs
– Playoffs are single elimination

Weather Cancellations:
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