Coed 8v8 Dodgeball Rules

• Each team will start the game with 8 players on the court (5 Males maximum). Jail/sideline players are allowed to enter the game when play allows for it.
• Minimum of 5 players is needed to avoid a forfeit (One female).
• Teams that don’t have the minimum amount of women will have to play short minus the amount of missing women.
• A match consists of a best of 9 games. Each game will last a maximum of 5 minutes.
• Winner after best of 9 is the winner between those two teams for that night!
• All players must be on the roster by 4th week of play for eligibility in playoffs

• Eliminate all opposing players by getting them “out.” A player is declared out if:
• You hit an opponent with a thrown ball, before it hits the ground and BELOW THE SHOULDER’S
• You catch an opponent’s thrown ball BEFORE it makes contact with the ground.
• If you hit an opposing team member in the head
• If you cross over any boundary lines

• The game begins with the placement of SIX dodgeballs along the center line with THREE balls on opposite sides (left and right side). Players will take their positions along the end line and then run to retrieve the dodgeballs when the referee announces DODGE or blows his/her whistle. THREE dodgeballs on the left side and THREE dodgeballs on the right side for players to grab. There will NOT be players from opposing teams going after the same balls during the opening rush. Only players from each side will go to retrieve the balls that their side is designated to retrieve. Dodgeballs will then be taken behind the attack line(the blue tape or white line) before they can be thrown. Once balls are taken the player must take a step back before throwing the ball.

• Games will be played on a standard sized Basketball/Volleyball court.
• No Deflections of any kind.
• SIX Dodgeballs will be used. ALL Dodgeballs are the same medium sized balls (3 on each side of center line).
• Each team gets one 30 second timeout per game (Time-outs can only be called if you have the ball).
• Teams and players are confined to the centerline, sidelines and end line of the Basketball court.
• Players may intentionally leave the playing area on their own side of the playing floor to retrieve a ball. However, if a player goes out of bounds to avoid getting out, they will be called out.
• Players will be called out if a thrown ball, not a kicked ball, hits them on the fly. If a player ducks or is on the ground and is hit in the head, the player hit will be called out. Balls must be thrown below the shoulders.
• Players will be called out if a ball they throw is caught on the fly.
• Deflections off the floor, wall, court dividers, rafters, bleachers, hoop, and official do not count as an out if caught. Deflections of any kind are not allowed.
• If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession, it does not make either player out. If the ball is dropped as a result of contact from the thrown ball, then the player who drops the ball is out.
• If the ball is caught by a player than one of his teammates in jail are allowed back on the court.
• Once a player is out, they must immediately leave the floor and sit behind their own baseline. Players who have been called out cannot retrieve stray balls for their teammates, or that ball will be given to other team.
• Once the whistle is blown all action will stop and play will be reset. Teams will keep the same number of balls they had prior to the whistle being blown.
• Switch sides after every match!
• In the event of a tie, 3-minute sudden death overtime, involving only those players still active at the end of regulation will be played. The team to eliminate one opponent first will be the winner.

• We encouraged all teams to wear the same color t-shirts.