Sprint Player of the Week – Dorothy Yang (December 2015)

Posted: December 17, 2015 - LTS Blog

LTS Player of the Week SprintSprint Player of the Week: Dorothy Yang
Week: December 18th – 25th, 2015
Favorite Sport(s): Soccer

LTS Chicago is honored to announce Dorothy Yang as our “Sprint Player of the Week” for December 18th – 25th, 2015. Dorothy has been playing both Kickball and Soccer with LTS Chicago for several years now. Dorothy, and her various teams, typically play in support of Autism Speaks to Young Professionals.

Dorothy’s favorite charity, Autism Speaks to Young Professionals, means a lot to her due to an experience she had on an international volunteer trip to Taiwan. While abroad, she had the opportunity to work with special needs kids and despite working with a variety or students, she really connected with the autistic children. She was drawn to these children and wanted to help each individual find the best way for them express their emotions and communicate with those around them.

Playing for something close to your heart is what Dorothy loves so much about LTS leagues. She believes it is a selfless and wonderful concept that gives even more meaning to the sports she already loves.

Dorothy does her best to donate to any charitable event her friends and family participate in as she knows there are a lot of great causes out there that need support.

Dorothy’s favorite memory was from her 2015 Summer Sunday Kickball League with her teammates from Kickolas Cage, “that league has become a beloved and treasured tradition that brings everyone back together every year!”

Fun Fact: Right before Dorothy was scheduled to fly back to school in NYC, she tore her MCL while playing Capture The Flag. She tried avoiding a metal bench as she went for a catch, but unfortunately ran right into it and was stuck not able to to bend her knee for 6 weeks!

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What do YOU play for?!

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