About Us

What is LTS Chicago?

In 2010, LTS set out and built a community-driven athletic and social experience for young professionals that generates awareness and contributions for non-profits.  Operationally, LTS Chicago is an Adult Social Sports organization that caters to Adults ages 21 years and older in the City of Chicago. LTS has hosted Adult Social Sports leagues, tournaments and events with a twist that incorporates charitable giving as a Social Enterprise maximizing both improvements in human and environmental well-being, and social impact.

Our Vision

LTS Chicago was founded in the Summer of 2010 after the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.   Reveling in the impact that Soccer, and every sport, has in its ability to bring people together across race, gender, religion and cause….an idea was born in Chicago.  We recognized that young professionals are the best platform to raise awareness in support of Chicago charities through sport.  It is our belief that through this solid network of young hopefuls, people can participate in active sporting and social events which, in turn, help Chicago charities through donations and awareness. Our sports leagues, tournaments, and social events are created to showcase not only the charities we support, but the cause YOU and YOUR team support.

Thanks to our dedicated players, charity partners, sponsors and staff, we are proud to have had more than 25,000 players choose to play sports for a cause with LTS and more than $245,000 donated to charities since 2010.

In 2019, LTS Chicago powered by Zog Sports officially partnered with the largest adult social sports community in Chicago, Chicago Sport and Social Cluband Play For More! was born. CSSC Play For More! leagues will continue LTS Chicago’s tradition of encouraging league participants to play for more than just the love of the game. As part of CSSC, the LTS Chicago legacy will live on and reach new heights. Playing with CSSC has always offered More Than A Game, and now there will be more options than ever to support organization’s important to you while you play.

2017 Highlight Reel


2013 Highlight Reel

Our Core Values:

These are the rules by which we play. Our culture, our decisions, and the experiences we deliver are all shaped by these six core values:

Fun – We facilitate other people’s fun and have fun making it happen.

Team Player – Through the spirit of camaraderie, we share ideas, efforts and resources to accomplish our goals.

Caring – We care about the company, each other and the work we do. We care about our customers, their experience and the Chicago community.

Mission – Bring people together, create highlights, make a difference.

Reliable – We do what we say, meet our commitments and provide a consistent customer experience with relentless organization.

Own It – We take ownership and do whatever it takes. We are go getters who identify and creatively solve problems.

Continuous Improvement – We are committed to getting better every day in everything we do as individuals and as a company.