About Us

What is LTS Chicago?

To provide a community driven athletic and social experience for young professionals that generates awareness and contributions which support Chicago non-profits. Operationally, LTS (Live to Support) Chicago LLC is an Adult Social Sports organization that caters to both Adult males and females, 19 years old and older, in the City of Chicago. LTS hosts sports leagues, tournaments and events with a twist that incorporates charitable giving. Our business runs as a social enterprise; where as a company maximizes improvements in human and environmental well-being while also maximizing social impact rather than profits.

Our Vision

LTS Chicago was founded in the Summer of 2010 on the notion that young professionals are the key platform to raise awareness in support of Chicago charities through the use of sports. It is our belief that through this solid network of young hopefuls, people can participate in active sporting and social events which, in turn, help Chicago charities through donations and awareness. Our sports leagues, tournaments, and social events are created to showcase not only the charities we support, but the cause YOU and YOUR team support.

We, the young adults of Chicago, have taken a stand. Together we have built a new type of social sports community in Chicago that is committed to helping others by being active. Our sports leagues, tournaments and sports driven social events are the means that we congregate and form this community for good. The idea for LTS was created after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, as LTS uses the mindset of the sport itself, soccer, has on the world stage. Soccer has the ability to bring people together across race, gender and religion for a month long tournament consisting of top countries from all over the world. At LTS Chicago, we embrace the resultant ideals from the FIFA World Cup and employ them to bring Young Professionals of all races, religion and economic/social backgrounds to play for a cause. Thanks to our dedicated players, charity partners, sponsors and staff, here at LTS Chicago YOU have the choice in what organization that YOU want to support here in Chicago!

More than 14,000(unique) players have answered our motto when they join us: What do YOU play for?!

As you can see LTS Chicago has a strong passion for all of us as strive to grow the community of players, charities and partners. AS a social enterprise we are always open to individuals or companies wanting to support our mission so that we can make an even BIGGER IMPACT here in the City of Chicago.

LTS Chicago is a proud member of the
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.